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Permission to speak freely? Launching my first novel blew my mind. February was a whirlwind and March was a blur. How April is upon us and Easter is gone, I do not know. I’ve been staring at my diminishing bag of jelly beans for a while and simply can’t get over the fact that one-third of 2018 is gone.

But I digress. At the end of February I received the honor of winning the Houston Writers Guild Book Cover of the Month Award. Maybe you’ve seen my shiny seal on the home makes me happy. The story behind the cover is a good one that I hope to share with you at book signing or author event in the near future.

Degotoga Writing launched “Free4U Friday” in March and gave away two signed copies of Flowers In Winter to the winners. The first raffle was held at the High School where I work and the winner was my current student, Mayra. The second raffle was held on my Facebook Page with a few qualifying requirements and the winner was a former student of mine, Yessenia. It’s a real joy to see the young people I care so much for embracing the author experience with me. If you’re interested in how to enter the coming “Free4U Friday”, follow my Facebook Page and watch for the announcements next week. The raffle winners will be announced on Friday, April 13th.

Thank you to all who have purchased Flowers In Winter via e-book, hard copy, or even read the novel through Kindle Unlimited. I have become aware (re-reading it myself) that there are some typos and miscellaneous errors in the text. I have been working to update those and should have it completed by April 15th. To my patrons with e-book copies, I’ll post on social media when you can re-upload the edited version. To those with a hard copy, especially signed, when I become a best-selling author know that you are the proud owner of a diamond in the rough. To all of you, it is my personal mission to learn this craft so well that mistakes like this won’t happen again. I apologize for any reading discomfort this may have brought you, please rest assured that the quality of my craft is a priority.


The Book Festival Network hosted a fun event in Galveston on March 24th. It was a great experience where I met many other authors from around the state of Texas and enjoyed learning about how they approach their craft. There are other events held around the state over the coming months, please support your local authors as they continue to provide you new literary opportunities.

The Houston Writers Guild is also sponsoring writing workshops in Katy and Sugarland. I’ve been going to these and they are good for writers who are aspiring or already published. Click here to see their Facebook Events page.


I am not scheduled for any events in April. Feel free to view the events tab on my website for future signings. If you or your organization would like to schedule a signing or speaking event with me, please email

Author’s Corner & Spotlight

This month Degotoga Writing would like to spotlight a Houston author, Russell Little, who I met through the Houston Writers Guild. His novel, Murder for Me is, "a fictionalized compilation of the many people Russell has encountered over his thirty-two-year career as a practicing divorce attorney."

Russell also co-hosts Author Talk with publicist, Sandy Lawrence. They talk about all things relevant to the journey of authorship. I had a great time when Russell & Sandy invited me to Author Talk in March. If you’d like to learn more you can find Russell and Murder for Me at his website, you won't be disappointed.

If you’re an aspiring author or already in the trade...or maybe you're thinking about jumping in this pond with us, check out WRITEFEST coming to Houston, April 30th - May 6th, 2018. This is a festival for writers which is hosted by Houston Writers Guild and Writespace. Here are some other links that I have found useful since taking my own dip in the writing pond.

Houston Writers Guild

Texas Association of Authors

With Appreciation…

You’ve made it to the end of the newsletter, thank you! Along with my deep gratitude I wanted to leave you a peek of what is coming to the website soon.

After much deliberation, I have decided to start a blog. I’ve tried this before and became discouraged since life has a way of getting in the way of writing. My thinking has been, ‘put the novels first’. This is important but lately I’ve come to believe that getting to know you and sharing a piece of me is just as valuable. The novels will come and go but it’s our relationship that I’m hoping will last. So coming on April 19th is my blog which I’ve titled, “From the Fire Ring”. I’ll explain that title a little more then. For now, it’s going to pop-up on the Newsletter tab, just come back to the website and check it out.

*eek* --I can’t keep this quiet, I just can’t!

If you’ve read Flowers In Winter you’ll “eek” with me. Coming in June I’ll also be posting pieces of journals left behind by Olivia. Sarah and her siblings want Olivia’s voice and story to be heard. So watch for that too! Oh my gosh! Good things are coming, super good things!

Thanks for reading and see you next month!


A recreation of Sarah Cash, what do you think she's pondering? Comments welcome below.

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