October 2019


Oh wow! The last 10 months have been busy and productive in the pursuit of the most excellent adventures which will be launching in the coming year. I'm excited to bring all this rich goodness to you!

The kickoff is when I pitch Huldah: Daughter of a King to a publisher in mid-December. My deadline is rapidly approaching and I will spend most of November in the deep zone of re-writes/editing. There’s no way to really know if the manuscript will get picked up, it’s a thrilling gamble to be sure. I’m doing the work and crossing my fingers while hailing the universe to support #teamjordan --I can use all your positive vibes too!

On the self-publishing front, the sequel to Flowers in Winter is underway. Looking at the calendar, I’m hoping to have We Stand Together available for sale by April 2019. Once #Huldah is sent off to query-land, I’m switching gears and diving into the deep zone of re-writes/editing for #WST. Lots to do, but it’s going to be great! I love this life, can you tell?

And then there’s Girl Rising, which received an amazing response earlier this month when I published the first blog. As I watched it catch fire, I knew this was the correct course to pursue in addition to the fiction and fantasy writing. If I could share with you everything I have planned we’d be sitting together for quite a while; I become giddy thinking about it. I’m prepping curriculum for public speaking events accompanied with the intent to develop Saturday workshops for mothers and daughters. I admit, it feels a little bigger than me, but I believe in this and with the enthusiastic response the debut had, I feel like it’s going to happen.


Let’s give some props to Godspell…a musical retelling of the book of Matthew performed by some peeps I care a whole lot about.

Several weeks ago one of my students approached me with tickets to his fall show. It was the teacherly thing to do, buy the tickets and support the kids. I put it on my calendar and didn’t think much about it after that.

Following a tropical storm and some rescheduling, the day finally arrived that I was going to see the show. Dressed in 80s gear for Homecoming with not enough time to go home for a quick change, I took my seat in the auditorium just before curtain call. Hyped up on diet Dr. Pepper, I was happy to see so many smiling faces in anticipation of the show.

From the first musical notes, I was awestruck. For two hours I watched, amazed at the stirring in my heart as the story unraveled in a contemporary and beautiful way. This was more than a high school musical; it was a soul touching performance given by a handful of young people whose countenances beamed with the beauty of what they were sharing.

To you, my wonderful Crosby Cougars who participated in making this epic event, I say well done and thank you for speaking truth to my heart through your talent and dedication to this performance.

For anyone in the Houston area who wants to be lifted in spirit, I urge you to give yourself a treat and attend the encore performance of Godspell, performed by the Crosby High School Theatre on November 2, 2019, at 7:00 p.m. #cougarpride #secondtonone


Holy-moly there’s a lot coming up in November and December. First and foremost, NANOWRIMO is upon us. May the coffee be warm, our fingers nimble, and each of us reach our word count by month’s end.

If you’ve ever wanted to take a stab at writing and don’t know what NANOWRIMO is, I urge you to investigate. Being a part of this annual event has motivated and strengthened my writing, I wouldn’t be here without it.

I will be in attendance at NerdCon2 in Baytown, Texas, on December 7th. If you're interested in some fun family entertainment, come on out. Check out the NerdCon2 website for more details.

Please see my Events tab for specific dates, times, and locations of NANOWRIMO write-ins that I’m hosting and book signings as the year ends.

*Shameless Plug: Autographed novels make heart-warming gifts come Christmas morn.*

Gratitude Corner

I am so grateful for inclusion in the mighty force that is the Houston writing community. There are so many people who inspire me, make me feel stronger than I think I am, and motivate me to keep on plugging along this road of words which turn to stories. I’d like to thank Houston Authors Writer Group (HAWG) for anchoring me to a schedule. If I didn’t have this group, I’m certain I’d talk myself out of accomplishing anything.

Also, I’d like to thank the creators of NerdCon2 who I met at Comicpalooza last spring. I’m sort of a lurker, watching groups on Facebook and trying to figure out where I fit in the scheme of things. These guys didn’t wait for me to warm up to them, they just reached out and pulled me from the shadows. They are awesome examples of the uplifting and positive creators at work within our community. It’s fabulous to know you and I say thanks for giving me a place and purpose among you.

With Appreciation

Before I go, I just wanted to thank all of you for the positive response to my last blog, Good to be Different. As of this moment, it has been viewed 128 times; that is amazing! I also saw several of you share it on social media which had a huge impact. If there is ever a non-monetary way to support an artist, it is sharing their work on social media platforms.

You fine people cheer me on, read my work, and provide kind and generous praise which in turn helps me to muster the courage to write more. Thank you for all your support, this wouldn’t be possible without you.

Here’s to you, may your upcoming fall and holiday season be filled with wonder.

Your friend,


May your All Hallows Eve be tricky and full of treats!

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