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The power of the question exists all around us. Think about it, would we have any of these modern conveniences without someone at some time questioning? People make me question in so many ways—motives, likes, dislikes—there’s much to learn and I’m hungry for the nitty-gritty.

Along these lines, I’ve asked future guest bloggers seven non-essential but inquisitively pertinent questions to get past their exterior and closer to what makes them tick. Consider—

1. Who is your favorite musician at present, must listen to in the gym or on a road trip, no exceptions?

2. Do you name your vehicle, and if so what’s the name, why, and do you have any swag to represent your ride?

3. The junk drawer in your car…which item is most valuable?

4. Who is the historical figure you most identify with and why?

5. What are you hungry for (not food), something you quest after, that motivates you?

6. Where would you like to spend a year of your life…no limits on how it’s done?

7. What is your soul message, a one-sentence legacy for your posterity?

My guests have been more than happy to oblige, and I’ve been thrilled with their answers. In all fairness, I believe in doing what I ask others to do, so today I will answer these questions and next week our first guest blogger will make her debut—answers and all.

So here goes, my answers for inquiring minds…

1. My favorite musician at present is Crowder. There isn’t one album he’s put out that I don’t like and I’m crossing my fingers to see him in concert later this year. Here’s a video from his latest album. LOVE!

2. Oh, heck yes, we name our cars! We’ve been mighty blessed with our van who is affectionately named the Black Pearl, though most often we refer to as “The Pearl”. It’s a well-known fact that we’re highway pirates who love a good road trip. The Pearl is decked out with pirate swag to include skull and crossbones on the hood. The boys won’t let me fly Jolly Roger colors, they put their foot down there.

3. My junk drawer in the Pearl must have a pocketknife. I quit keeping good ones in there because we’ve lost a few to thievery. But there’s always a blade of some sort, I think it’s a default of my military years.

4. This is an impossible question for a historian, but I’ll try. It’s a toss-up between Sacagawea and Harriet Tubman. Both women I did reports on in elementary school and credit the experiences to my love of stories, history, and scrappy women. Turns out I’m a little scrappy too, so there it is.

5. I quest after an understanding of our human family and what makes us do what we do. This morphed from basic curiosity to historical understanding, then on to answers about my own past, and now our spiritual connection to the divine. People amaze me, scare me, and intrigue me. It’s a never-ending puzzle—what makes us tick, keeps us together, and pulls us apart.

6. Easy-peasy, I’d love to spend a year in the Scottish Highlands. The wet, the sweaters and fires, and the quiet.

7. My soul message— By living in God’s will, we do recover. For me, I’ve come to accept that on my own, without bending the knee to my maker, I am lost. The flip side is the true freedom I’ve found by doing life God’s way. I want this for my family now and those who come after us.

Good times—there it is! I’d love to hear your answers to one or all these questions. Feel free to comment or share on the website or one of my socials. Also, be sure to come back next Monday for our first guest blogger, Alicia Davis, who will share her thoughts on Growing Spiritual Muscles.

As you travel into this week, I pray you will be blessed with the miracle of hope which is belief in God’s love for YOU!

For I the Lord thy God will hold thy right hand,

saying unto thee,

Fear not; I will help thee.

—Isaiah 41:13 KJV

-From the Fire Ring Blog, Vol. 1, No. 14

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