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Planet and Moon

Taeron Cosmos Week

Welcome to a festival of all things Taeron!
Ever expanding, the Cosmos has something for everyone.
Join us each day for some celebratory fun, discounts, prizes, and more...

July 15th - 20th, 2024

Details Coming Soon!

Taeron Cosmos Celebration Discount (1).png


25 years ago, my sweet autistic son was born. Little did I know he'd be a world-creating artist. The big guy has hundreds of drawings and binder after binder of writings about his Tearon worlds. When I was working on the original manuscript for Daughter of a King, my heart longed to include him somehow and after serious negotiations (😲) we landed on three elements of his creations that he would allow me to use.

First were his Moonsingers (picture 2), which were adapted for purposes of the novel. I love the Moonsingers and read him early drafts to ensure their representation was accurate. His laugh is one of my favorite sounds and listening to him chuckle over my words was priceless.

Second, the Tearon name he uses for his own worlds. I adapted the way it is spelled for clarity between us. When I showed him the cover of the novel he was quick to inform me that I'd spelled it wrong. 😅 Once I explained my purpose, he agreed it was a wise choice and my Taeron Cosmos was born.

Lastly, and oh how this makes my heart sing, he allowed me the use of his Tearon symbol. This is his artwork, polished for printing purposes, but all his. As we move through the series, the symbol will gain importance. It does this mama's heart good to see it in print.

In honor of my Kaiju (his nickname), we're celebrating all week long! Please come back often for more fun as the shenanigans continue. 🎉
#DaughtersofTaeronSeries #TalesfromtheTaeronCosmos  #TaeronCosmosCommunity

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