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In a Cosmos as large as Taeron, with all the power they possessed, the prophecies would prevail and the Darkness would come.


The Realm of Reason is but one of many within the Taeron Cosmos where Ancients rule over classes of immortal Creators and Sylphs. All within the Realm carry the same mission—to educate and prepare premortal offspring for a journey to mortal worlds.


One premortal needs more preparation than most.


Huldah might be the daughter of the High King but that didn’t protect her from the Darkness who invades her mind, terrorizes her sleep, and vies for control. A fledgling Sylph, Flora, volunteers to undergo the dangerous assignment of guiding Huldah.


The strength of their bond is strained by Huldah’s attempts to protect her twin brother and Flora’s inability to recover from her mortal journey.


With the Darkness fighting them each step of the way, Huldah and Flora can’t fail. If they do, their Realm will collapse, precipitating the fall of the entire Taeron Cosmos.

Daughter of a King

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