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A Multitude of Decisions

My heart is full. Gratitude abounds. From the wisp of an idea to a full cosmos, Daughter of a King has become a reality. There have been pivotal moments, lots of laughs, and even tears. I am overwhelmed by the amount of support received since birthing this book baby into the world. My cup runs over, and my heart is full.

My sister called me on launch day, excited about the release and I heard myself say, "Jules, kids like us don't usually get to have moments like this."

She was quick to correct me with, "Jo, yes they do, if they make hundreds and thousands of decisions in pursuit of their dreams. That's what you've done and don't forget it."

*Insert shocked emoji face!*

My sister nailed it. I dipped my head, humbled and in awe of her spoken truth. There have been a series of small and great decisions across the years that led to this wonderful opportunity. Isn't that how a dream or goal is supposed to work? We make these decisions without knowing the outcome and stand up to fear and future tripping while anchoring to faith and putting in the work. Then through persistence, we achieve the outcome. It's a beautiful process.

Writing is a solitary business, one that requires a dedicated amount of time without quick results. To be truthful, I get lonely and often doubt my skill. Through the journey, I have come to find that I'm never really alone. The great creator of our universe has poked and prodded, loved me when I couldn't love myself, sent me a cheer team and amazing community, and guided me in each of the decisions necessary to bring the Taeron Cosmos into the hands of readers.

Another important aspect of the creative process is the ability to remain right-sized. We all have unique motivators for pursuing hobbies and goals. My focus is on the ministry of standing with others through their very real and sometimes difficult experiences. To lift where I stand, paying forward all that's been given to me, has become the heartbeat of my writing. With this perspective, I focus on themes that will counter the negative which so often swirls around us. In return, I experience much joy through those who choose to accept messages of hope and perseverance.

Because our cosmos is big enough for every voice and every soul to matter, I find it so very important to bring hope to those who might be living without it. Being human is hard, we live in uncertain times, let us be brave enough to reach for one another's hands, helping others to stand, and supporting them in who they are and all that they seek to achieve. I encourage you to find your own way to lift those around you in a spirit of compassion and well-being.

You bless my life. Thank you for your interest, for reading my words, and for sharing them with those near you, It is my hope and will be my pleasure to bring you more words in the months and years to come.


And be ye kind one to another,

tenderhearted, forgiving one another,

even as God for Christ's sake hath forgiven you.

Ephesians 4:32 KJV

-From the Fire Ring Blog, Vol. 1, No. 18

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